September 2021

Christian Book & Nutrition

Bibles, Books and Vegetarian Food.

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Christian Book & Nutrition store  is more than just a bookshop. It carries a wide range of Vegetarian Food, including Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Links, Hamburger Patties, Steak Patties, Chicken Nuggets, Turkey Loafs, Non-Caffeine Coffee and more. ALL VEGETARIAN and DELICIOUS frozen and can goods. Shop Now and pick up a Turkey Loaf for your Holiday Dinners. Great Mugs are now available just in time for Holiday Gifts. Support a local business and Creative People who designed the Mugs .

Christian Book & Nutrition, 2721 Burden Way, National City, CA 91950, (619) 475-1414, Open Sunday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM (Near Euclid Avenue and 8th behind Paradise Valley Hospital).

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Christian Book & Nutrition

Bibles, Books and Vegetarian Food



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