August 2021

Shadows of the Ecliptic

Shadows of The Ecliptic is a comic book series that features an extensive cast of characters written and illustrated by Shan Shankaran,Pixel Peanut and Liya Destiny.

Shadows of the EclipticShadows of the Ecliptic

A world, home to many different races and creatures where supernatural powers is not everywhere but is seen as a common thing. The series takes place in a fictional world where modern day life is combined with a fantasy world of many races and creatures. Some of the inhabitants of this world bear a vast variety of supernatural powers and martial art abilities. The comic visually shows a mixture of 3D and 2D elements that are in a fused art style of Japanese Anime and American Cartoons.

Throw Blanket Shadows of the EclipticThrow Blanket Shadows of the Ecliptic
ASU Shadows of the EclipticASU Shadows of the Ecliptic
APRON Shadows of the EclipticAPRON Shadows of the Ecliptic

Shadows of the Ecliptic

Comic Book Series



8/8/20211 min read